English for Beginners: Become Functional Fast

 English for Beginners

English for beginners focuses on the vocabulary and structures necessary to dealing with the day to day demands of life in Canada.

Participants practice reading, writing, speaking and listening as they become more functional and able to interact with the people around them.

There are four beginner levels – CLB 1-4.

As students progress between the four beginner levels they learn the language skills necessary to:

* understanding and giving instructions
* following and providing directions
* understanding and following procedures
* working, shopping, and holding simple conversations


English for Beginners – Online Courses

English for Beginners is an online course. Classes are completed using Skype. These classes are one-on-one and there are 12 levels. Most courses can be completed within 30-40 hours.

Classes are usually twice a week for two hours, but students can take up to 6 hours of classes per week. Classes may be 1 or 2 hours.

Classes can be scheduled at any time between 10am and 9pm Monday to Friday.


 “…I improved my English a lot and now I can understand…”

Eduardo M.