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Online Business English 

Online business English courses target the weaknesses in an employee’s language skills that prevent them from contributing to the workplace fully.

Communication weaknesses can contribute significantly to workplace discord. Constantly having to repeat yourself or decipher what someone is trying to say is tedious and tiring affecting workplace productivity, efficiency, and harmony.

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Taking an Online Business English Course

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Courses vary in length depending on the language gaps of employees.

For an employee with basic tense issues who confuses co-workers because they can’t identify whether the employee is referring to the present, past or future, a course would typically be 30 – 40 hours.

A course for an employee with pronunciation issues might only be 10 -15 hours.

Online Business English – Language Support

This program provides ongoing support to employees who are struggling with the language requirements of their workplace. This one-on-one support can be used in conjunction with language lessons or as a stand-alone service.

Corporate and employee needs dictate what this support includes, but often it’s used to:

*  improve interpersonal communication
*  write letters and emails
*  interpret task requirements
*  improve computer literacy
*  facilitate presentation preparation
*  edit written communication

Scheduling Classes

We make every effort to accommodate student’s work schedules, and classes may be scheduled between 10am and 9pm Monday-Friday.

Classes can be scheduled for the same time, or different times each week. Students must let us know within 24 hours if they need to reschedule a scheduled class.