CELPIP Tutors for CELPIP Preparation


Completing your CELPIP Preparation with  CELPIP Tutors is probably the fastest way to get the score you need if you:

* work shifts and need flexibility
* prefer to prepare for your CELPIP test at your own speed
* need to quickly build your confidence
* need a lot of individualized help
* need heavily customized classes
* prefer to target only your weakest language skills

“… everyone understands me much better now…”

Paolo G.

Training with CELPIP Tutors

CELPIP Tutors can save you a lot of time and money by identifying and working on your weakest skills. You may need to improve your:

* writing
* reading
* speaking
* listening
* grammar
* punctuation
* sentence structure
* pronunciation

The Goal of CELPIP Tutors

The goal of CELPIP tutors is to help you improve your English and get the score you need in the CELPIP test. That may include:

* targeting your areas of weakness
* rapidly increasing your fluency
* tackling any weak grammar
* boosting your accuracy & vocabulary
* speeding up your understanding
* improving the way you express yourself
* introducing you to common phrases, idioms and colloquialisms

How many Classes?

Your total number of CELPIP Preparation classes depends on:

* The gap between what you know and want to achieve
* How much of the work you prefer, or are able, to do alone
* How quickly you learn
* Your budget.

During your free assessment, or during your first week of class, we will tell you how many classes we think you need.

Please call/test Angela 403-350-8709 for more information

Scheduling and Paying for your classes

You can schedule your classes for the same time every week, or you can schedule your class each week.

You can use cash, credit cards or cheques to pay for your classes at the time of scheduling.

All classes must be paid for at the time of scheduling.