CELPIP Preparation Course – Prepare for Your CELPIP Test

 CELPIP Preparation Course Online

The CELPIP Preparation Course Online Course is delivered to one individual at a time.

CELPIP Preparation usually targets gaps in your abilities which may be spread across all four language skills, but may be focused on just one skill.

This Course is tailored to your needs and is delivered in private one-on-one classes via Skype.

CELPIP Preparation Course

The number of classes in your CELPIP Preparation Course depends on how far you are from the score you need to achieve.

It usually takes about 15 -20 hours to improve your score by one level in one skill. For some people, especially those working in an English speaking environment where they can get lots of practice, improving by 1 level can be faster.

Registering for CELPIP Preparation

You can schedule your CELPIP Preparation classes with your CELPIP tutor for times that are convenient for you.

Classes can be 1 hour or two hours long. You can schedule up to 6 hours of CELPIP Preparation classes each week.

You must make your payment to confirm your classes for the week. Unconfirmed classes are reallocated to other students.

Payment can be made by e-transfer or Paypal

Essay correction for one writing task, or speaking correction for 8 tasks, is included in the price of each class.

“…Angela patiently reviewed all my work and discussed it with me…”

Chris G.

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