How to Write a Complaint Email or Letter Workshop

What Will I Learn?

This workshop is intended for students who need to achieve 9+ in the CELPIP Writing Section, or 7+ in the IELTS General Writing Section.

In this workshop we look at the complaint email or letter in writing task 1.

You will learn:

* about formatting your email or letter
* how to organize your response
* key techniques for a higher score
* common complaint phrases & vocabulary
* how to give your response depth

Class Format

This Writing workshop is a one-hour class.

There are 3-6 people in the workshop.

This class uses an online zoom classroom.

What is included?

After the class, each participant will receive:

* a written sample response pattern
* feedback on one response
* class notes

Pricing & Schedule

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A Typical Complaint Email/Letter Question

The Complaint email or letter question asks you to write a formal or informal email or letter complaining about something. You may write to a friend, family member, co-worker, or someone in authority like a boss or restaurant owner. Your complaint response describes the situation that has disappointed you and asks for some form of compensation .

For CELPIP, you have about 27 minutes to write your email. It should be 150-200 words.

For IELTS General, you have about 20 minutes to write about 150 words.

A typical complaint question looks like this:

You recently rented a car to get from the airport to an important meeting. After 2 kilometers the car broke down. The rental company didn’t answer the phone so you had to leave the car and take a taxi.  

In about 150 words, write an email to the rental company. Your email should:

Describe the service you expected that wasn’t delivered.
Complain about the rental company’s response.
Describe how you want the company to resolve the problem.

Please call/text Angela at 613-614-6460 for more information or to register