CELPIP Speaking task 6 Workshop – Awkward Situations

What Will I Learn?

This class is intended for students who need to achieve 9+ in the CELPIP Speaking Section.

In this class we look at CELPIP speaking task 6.

You will learn:

* what the question is really asking you
* how to organize your response
* key techniques for a higher score
* common phrases & vocabulary
* how to give your response depth

Class Format

This CELPIP Speaking Task workshop is a one-hour class.

There are 3-6 people in the workshop.

This class uses an online zoom classroom.

What is included?

After the class, each participant will receive:

* a written sample response pattern
* feedback on one response
* class notes

Pricing & Schedule

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A Typical CELPIP Awkward Situation Question

The Awkward Situation question is the sixth question on the CELPIP Speaking test. It asks you to consider a problem and speak to one of two people about a possible solution. Most of the situations are familiar issues that aren’t too difficult to talk about.

You are given 60 seconds to prepare your response after which you need to speak for 60 seconds

A typical awkward situation question looks like this:

Your friend’s birthday party this weekend coincides with your cousin’s graduation, and you have accidentally accepted an invitation to both.

Choose One

Apologize to your friend, explain the situation, and set up another time.


Apologize to your cousin, explain the situation, and set up an alternative time.

Please call/text Angela at 613-614-6460 for more information or to register