What are Workshops?

Workshops are stand-alone classes with 3-6 participants.

Workshops are not part of a full course, so you can sign up for whichever individual workshops are most useful for you.

Below is a list of workshops we are currently offering.

CELPIP Speaking Workshops

* Task 1 Advice
* Task 2 Experience
* Task 3 Picture
* Task 4 Prediction
* Task 5 Persuasion
* Task 6 Difficult Situation
* Task 7 Opinion
* Task 8 Unusual Situation

CELPIP & IELTS General Writing Workshops

* Task 1 Complaint
* Task 1 Request
* Task 1 Apology
* Task 1 Advice

CAEL & IELTS Ac. Writing Task 1
CAEL Speaking Task 1

* Bar Chart
* Graph
* Table
* Process
* Map
* Pie Chart
* Summary

Writing Task 2 Workshops for CELPIP, CAEL & IELTS

* Opinion
* Discussion
* Problem/Solution
* Advantage/Disadvantage
* Double Question
* Survey Response
* Cohesion
* Coherence


Most of our class participants find that phone screens are a little small for these classes and prefer the full-sized monitors of laptops, iPads, or computers.

How do I Register?

First, take a look at the workshops we offer.

Second, choose the workshop, or workshops that you think will be most helpful to you

Third, sign up by calling or texting Angela 613-614-6460.

Our Workshops take place in the morning between 10am and 12noon Monday to Friday (Eastern Standard Time).

How do I Pay?

After you register, you will receive a Paypal invoice with the amount you need to pay including taxes.

You can complete your payment by e-transfer, credit card, or Paypal.

All classes must be paid for at the time of registration

Refund & Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, so we make some allowances.

20% of your payment is non-refundable

If you cancel your class more than 48 hours before class start, we will refund 80% of your payment.

If you cancel your class less than 48 hours before class start, we will not refund your payment.

If you miss your class, you forfeit the payment.

Please call/text Angela at 613-614-6460 for more information or to register