One-a-Day Workbook: Perfect Tense Practice – Advanced

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  • Increase your tense accuracy
  • Improve your grammar
  • Get a higher test score

This work book contains two texts for each perfect tense. For each exercise you:

*  read a complete text
*  underline the perfect structure in the complete text
*  fill in the gaps with the appropriate perfect tense structure
*  check your perfect tense structure against your underlined structure in the complete text.

In this book you will review the:

*  Present Perfect simple
*  Present Perfect continuous
*  Present Perfect passive
*  Past Perfect simple
*  Past Perfect continuous
*  Past Perfect passive
*  Future Perfect simple
*  Future Perfect continuous
*  Future Perfect passive

This book will help you get a higher test score by improving your tense accuracy and your vocabulary with words related to: transportation, everyday situations, food, education, entertainment, recreation, shopping, people, places, art, clothes, computers, etc.

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