One-a-Day Workbook: CELPIP Speaking Practice

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  • practice your responses
  • learn new vocabulary
  • increase your confidence
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This CELPIP book contains 30 full practice tests to help you prepare for the speaking section of the CELPIP Test.

The students at ESL Red Deer have been using this one-a-day workbook to prepare for CELPIP Speaking for many years.

Each test has 8 questions:

* Provide advice
* Talk about a personal experience
* Describe a picture
* Predict events
* Be persuasive
* Deal with a difficult situation
* Provide an opinion
* Describe an unusual situation

This CELPIP book will help you learn vocabulary and practice your responses before the test.

Topics that you will practice speaking about include: transportation, everyday situations, government responsibilities, food, education, entertainment, recreation, shopping, people, places, art, clothes, computers, etc. As you practice your responses, your vocabulary will grow and you will start to feel more comfortable about taking your test.

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