IELTS General Writing Tips


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IELTS General Writing Tips

The following IELTS General Writing Tips are for students preparing for the IELTS General Test

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Know Your Tenses…

Before you register for the IELTS General or IELTS Academic Test, make sure your tenses are accurate and appropriate.

Our review and practice materials will help you clean up your basic and perfect tenses – both active and passive.

IELTS Writing Correction 

IELTS writing correction is for you if you have completed a writing task, and would like to have it corrected. We’ll provide you with feedback about what you do well, what you could do better, and what you must do differently to achieve a higher score.

To submit a written task to our IELTS writing correction, click on the button.

Make your payment, upload your IELTS General Task 1 or 2 essay, and submit it online in one easy step.

IELTS Writing Tutors

If you’re not confident about your tenses and structures, our IELTS writing tutors can help you online or in our classroom.

Tutoring classes are one-to-one, and you may only need one or two classes to familiarize yourself with the requirements of your desired level.

The cost of classes is $40/hour.

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IELTS General Writing Tip 1

Answer the question…

… make sure your essay answers the whole question. Partial answers = partial marks

General Task 1 – your letter must address every point identified in the question.
General Task 2 – discuss both alternatives if the question asks you to.

IELTS General Writing Tip 2

Use an appropriate salutationIELTS General writing tips

… if you’re writing a formal letter, make sure to use the recipients last name – Mr. Smith,

If your letter is informal, use the recipients first name – Dear John,

IELTS General Writing Tip 3

Blend your Sentence Starters…IELTS Academic writing tips

… avoid starting all of your sentences with people or things as subjects.

Use gerunds, subordinating conjunctions, infinitives, participials, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and verbs, and linking words to make your writing interesting.

IELTS General Writing Tip 4

Use Parallels…CELPIP writing tips

… Whenever you present information as a list or series, make sure you use a parallel structure.

IELTS General Writing Tip 5

Leave an escape route…

… Almost everyone can think of an exception to sweeping statements, so temper them. Rather than saying, “Everyone always wears sweaters” say “People typically wear sweaters”

IELTS General writing tips

IELTS General Writing Tip 6

Use Reductions…

… Reduce your sentences appropriately.

‘The warmly dressed woman’ scores more points than ‘The woman who was warmly dressed.’

IELTS General Writing Tip 7

Combine the active and passive voice …

…Reach for a higher score by combining active and passive voices, but don’t combine them in a single sentence.

TOEFL writing tips

Don’t do this: The man was given a hat, but they sold him a scarf.

Do this: The man was given a hat, but was given a scarf.


IELTS General Writing Tip 8

Write in Paragraphs …IELTS Academic writing tips

…use one line space to separate your paragraphs.

Do not combine line spaces and indentations! Line spaces and indentations are two different styles.

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