IELTS General YouTube Videos: Learn how to use your structures well

“…not only did I get the score I needed, but I earned a score useful  in my nursing…”

Heidi Q.

IELTS General YouTube

We have designed our IELTS YouTube videos to help you understand:

* what you need to show the examiner
* how to approach your response
* how to manipulate your structures for a high score


For more IELTS YouTube videos, please check out our YouTube channel

IELTS General Preparation

If you need help with your IELTS Preparation please contact us.

We offer IELTS Preparation in three ways:

* IELTS Preparation Online
* IELTS Preparation Courses in small groups
* IELTS Preparation with a tutor in small groups

English as a Second Language Courses

If you need to improve your language skills to achieve a specific score in your IELTS exams, we offer a full series of English as a Second Language Courses language Courses including:

* Beginner (CLB levels 1-4)
* Intermediate (CLB levels 5-8)
* Advanced (CLB levels 9-12)

ESL Red Deer’s English Classes offer: