IELTS General Writing Tips

“…we felt much more confident after a few classes…”

Sandra P.

Writing Tips

Before the Test

Copy Well-Written Passages

Copy well-written passages onto paper. CELPIP writing tips

As you copy, concentrate on the sentence structure.

With each attempt, try to remember groups of words in natural phrases.

Gradually increase the number of words and then check that you have copied accurately.

Practice Writing Letters.

IELTS Academic writing tips

Practice writing letters for Task 1.
Practice the format of a letter.
Practice writing in paragraphs.

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Practice Expressing Your Opinion.

Practice expressing your opinion in writing.
Practice developing your idea.
Practice writing in paragraphs.

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Clean Up Your Tenses

Practice your tenses. Know your tenses inside out, back to front, and upside down! Use our IELTS study materials to help you clean up your tenses.

If you are uncertain about which tenses and structures you need to use to achieve your desired band, take a class with us. We offer IELTS General Online Coaching, onsite IELTS General Preparation classes, and a full series of English as a Second Language Courses.

You may only need one class to familiarize yourself with the requirements for the level you are trying to achieve.

Read and Listen to Current Affairs 

Read about current affairs programs to familiarize yourself with phrases and vocabulary.

Reading about current affairs will give you a range of ideas to write about

Writing Tips

During the Test

Do Not Rewrite The Question

IELTS General writing tips

Do not rewrite the question.

You can paraphrase the question in your introduction so that your reader knows what the essay is about.

No Title

You do not need a title for the writing tasks in IELTS General.

Choose Your Style

Choose your style and stick to it throughout your Task 1 letter!IELTS Academic writing tips

… use an informal style when writing to friends and family. (partial sentences, contractions)

…use a formal style when writing to people in authority. (full sentences, no contractions)

Use Your Structures

You must use the structures and tenses that belong to the level you need to achieve.

You cannot score 9 if you only use level 5 structures!

TOEFL writing tips

Do Not Write In The Margins

Use left and right margins. Write from the very edge of the left margin all the way to the very edge of the right margin. If a word doesn’t fit, write the whole word on the next line. Do not split words.

Do Not Double Space

Separate paragraphs with either a blank line or an indentation. Do not use both, and do not double space.

Correct Errors With a Line

If you make a mistake, simply cross out the error with one line and continue

Write ClearlyIELTS Academic writing tips

Use cursive writing. It makes your writing look more mature and credible.

Capitalize & punctuate appropriately!

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