CELPIP Writing Tips and Techniques to Help you Achieve your Score

CELPIP Writing Tips

The following CELPIP Writing Tips will give some simple ways to
improve your score. Taking one or two classes with our CELPIP tutors,
or simply submitting your CELPIP Writing for correction and feedback usually helps too!

You may only need one class to familiarize yourself with the requirements
for the level you are trying to achieve.

CELPIP Writing Tips to help you write right!

The most important of all the CELPIP Writing Tips is Practice your tenses. Know your tenses inside out, back to front, and upside down! Use our CELPIP study materials to help you clean up your tenses.

If you are uncertain about which tenses and structures you need to use to achieve your desired band, take a class with a tutor. We offer a full series of workshops to help you fill in the gaps preventing you from achieving your desired score.

You may only need one class to familiarize yourself with the requirements for the level you are trying to achieve.

“…I felt much more confident after a few classes…”

Sandra P.

Answer the question…

… make sure your essay answers the whole question.

Connect Your Ideas…

… use referents and words like ‘although’, ‘soon’, ‘in the meantime’ to connect your ideas.

Think Cohesion

Use Capital Letters…

… start sentences and names of people and places with capital letters.

Use A Logical Sequence…CELPIP writing tips

…each paragraph of your email, letter or survey response should flow toward your final point.

Think about how you would sequence your email, letter, or survey response in your own language.

Think Coherence

TOEFL writing tips

Use The Standard Format…

… both essays and survey responses have a standard format.

Choose A Main Idea…

… make sure each paragraph has only one main idea.

Use A Variety of Sentence Starters…

TOEFL writing tips… ‘Reaching for an apple, Joe fell to the floor’, scores more points than, ‘Joe reached for an apple and fell to the floor.’

Think Cohesion

Choose Your Style…

… use an informal style when writing to friends and family. (partial sentences, contractions)
…use a formal style when writing to people in authority. (full sentences, no contractions)

Always Provide An Overview…CELPIP writing tips

…the first sentences of your letter or survey response must tell the reader what you are going to talk about.

Dear Survey Administrator, Thank you for including me in your survey regarding mall parking issues…

Separate Paragraphs And Salutations…IELTS Academic writing tips

…use one line space to separate your paragraphs and salutations.

Dear Survey Administrator,

Thank you for including me in your survey regarding mall parking issues. Option A, with its emphasis on rapidly increasing parking by converting vacant adjoining land, would seem to serve shoppers best. The second option, building a multistory parkade, would be too expensive, take too long, and provide a solution beyond what is needed at this time.

My preference is based on the complete chaos witnessed in the mall’s car park during recent weeks. While several shoppers have left the lot and taken their business elsewhere, others have simply abandoned their cars illegally creating major hurdles for everyone. Legitimately parked shoppers have become totally frustrated trying to navigate their vehicles around seemingly abandoned vehicles, and needless to say, this car park insanity is creating an unsafe environment for all concerned and needs to be resolved quickly before someone gets badly hurt.

I’m pretty sure that you could have the conversion completed by a local construction company. There are several reputable ones to choose from. Not only would using a local company be less expensive but would also pour some much needed money into the local economy.

I hope the mall succeeds in resolving its parking issue satisfactorily, inexpensively and quickly.



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