CELPIP Writing: Learn to use high-scoring structures.

CELPIP Writing Sample Answer

In the following CELPIP Writing Sample answers, you will see how you need to format your responses to tasks 1 and 2.

CELPIP Writing Task 1 Email Sample

The following CELPIP Writing Sample gives you an idea of the structure you need to follow for your task 1 email.


RE: Bank Loan Repayment Issues

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to inform you that I am currently facing a temporary delinquency issue with regard to my monthly loan payment.

I originally borrowed $10,000 to supplement my savings when my house was damaged during last year’s tornado. I needed the money to make extensive repairs and was very grateful to your bank for helping me out during this very difficult time.

The loan repayment schedule was structured, so I would only pay about $340/month, including a 3% interest rate, over a period of 30 months.

Unfortunately, this month I am unable to meet my repayment obligation. I have been under the weather for a full 3 weeks, and my employer has refused to pay me for my leave. This situation has reduced my salary to a fourth of what it should be; however, this is only a temporary setback, and I should be back on my feet soon and able to make my scheduled payments next month.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Ann Willson

CELPIP Task 2 Survey Response Sample

The following CELPIP Writing Sample gives you an idea of the structure you need to follow for your task 2 survey response.

Your response does not have to be in a letter format, but if you choose a letter format, make sure your formatting is accurate.


February 5th, 2019

Mr. Sam Williams
FitReady Gym
Tuckson Drive
Saskatoon SK S7H 4E8

RE: Gym Services issues

Dear Mr. Williams,

I have been an active member of “FitReady Gym” for the last 2 months. I was initially impressed by the attractive, exclusive and distinguished facilities you appeared to be offering  including the personal trainer, sauna, pool, and Christmas special mentioned in the local newspaper.

To my utter disappointment, I have not been able to get the featured services. Despite multiple attempts to access a personal trainer, I haven’t been able to get hold of any, due, apparently, to insufficient staff. The unhygienic condition of the Sauna is deplorable, and the pool has been closed as a result of technical issues.

Needless to say, I am thoroughly disappointed. I have tried to bring my concerns to the local manager’s attention, but to no avail. He has made no attempt to rectify the situation and has added fuel to the fire with petty excuses. Had I known I would receive an ‘ordinary’ rather than ‘exclusive’ experience at your gym, I would have chosen something more inexpensive.

I suggest you look into this matter and make any necessary arrangements to provide the exclusive facilities mentioned in the advertisement. If this is not possible, please cancel my membership and refund the complete fees.

I really hope that you deal with these issues and take steps to provide the excellent customer service that I, as a member of your gym, deserve.


Alan Dan

CELPIP  Writing Sample Answer Corrected

In the following CELPIP Writing Sample answers that were submitted for Writing Correction, you will get some ideas for improving your CELPIP Writing in tasks 1 and 2.

CELPIP Task 1 Email Sample Correction

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“…I would not hesitate to recommend Angela to my friends and to my countrymen…”



CELPIP Task 2 Survey Sample Correction

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8 thoughts on “CELPIP Writing: Learn to use high-scoring structures.”

  1. You recently returned from your honeymoon in Mexico. The staff at the resort really exceeded your expectations, providing you and your spouse with a number of complimentary services you didn’t anticipate.
    Write an email to the company in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:
    Describe the services received, and how they exceeded your expectations.
    Explain how the services affected your experience.
    Express your gratitude for the services received.
    Dear Manager,
    I’m Renata Dias, and I visited your resort in Cancun last month, it was an amazing experience for me and my husband, the service that your team provided was flawless, and I would like to point out the room service, the buffet menu and the outdoor activities were above and beyond my expectations.
    The room service and the buffet menu were the best that I have ever experienced. The room was cleaned every day, the towers were constantly changed for new ones, and the vase with fresh flowers from the gardener every morning was a special tough. The buffet menu on both breakfast and lunch were incredible, it was even a little bit hard to chose from the variety of food served.
    Also, I would like to specially thank you for the scuba diving class that the resort offered to us. I would never imagine myself doing this sport, so thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.
    Thank you once more, and I will recommend your resort to all my friends and in my social media as well.
    Best Regards,
    Renata Dias

  2. Write an email to the restaurant’s manager in about 150-200 words. Your email should do the following things:

    State what problems you had with the food you ordered.
    Complain about the service.
    Describe how you want the restaurant to resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

    Dear Manager,

    I hope you are staying safe and healthy!
    Me and my family appreciate you and your team working hard to give great hospitality to us while at our recent visit in this. But I would like to share my experience in detail with you.

    I visited the restaurant on Friday evening to celebrate my daughter’s birthday! Many of our friends have recommended this place to us, hence birthday was just an excuse.
    We booked the reservation for 9 people, as soon as we entered the restaurant table was not ready and the host looked little unaware about the reservation, after dealing with her for 7-10 minutes she mentioned, she can find our reservations. Quite an embarrassing moment in front of every one! I would have ignored this, but then my one guest was served chicken soup instead of vegetarian soup. She was very upset about it as she is vegetarian.
    I would encourage you to ask workers to be more mind full while taking the reservation and check all the resources you have for the booking , so people like me not get embarrassed in front of the guest! I hope you understand!

    Again, thank you, I am looking forward to hear from you if there could be any service adjustment done for the inconvenience.

    Tanvi Prajapat

  3. Dear Manager,
    I am writing this email with regard to the unfortunate experience I had while visiting your restaurant last Friday with my family. Also, I believe that these inconveniences can be avoided in the future if certain measures are taken.
    I had a dinner booking of six members prior to my visit. However, we were made to wait for about 7-8 minutes as the manager had to investigate the system to find our names. It was quite an embarrassing moment for us. Later, we ordered starters with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices, however, only the latter food items were served. Moreover, the soup was over-spicy, and the vegetables were rotten.
    The drinks were served very late as the staff members were captivated by the Soccer match on TV. I looked for a manager to address my grievance, but he was not present.
    Even though the food cost me an arm and leg, but I was highly disappointed by the unprofessional conduct of the staff and the substandard of the food.
    I would request you to train your staff to provide ethical services to valuable customers. In addition, there should be a complaint box available where the customers can provide negative feedback.
    I appreciate your time and I hope you would inspect this matter to avoid it happening again so that the reputation of your esteemed restaurant does not suffer.
    Kunal Maini

  4. Dear Sir,

    I am writing this letter to you to compliment as well as expressing my dissatisfaction regarding the college cafeteria.

    One important reason why I am a huge admirer of the cafeteria, it’s the different types of cuisine they provide, having said that, the complimentary shake is extremely delicious which is free of cost with the meal. Moreover what impresses me the most, how the chefs are so accurate and excellent when it comes to the taste as well as the warmth of the food when served.

    However, there are few things which need your attention. The current waiters don’t treat the customers well. To elaborate, most of the time they are inactive and ignore the customer’s request. Furthermore, many of them operate the mobile during working hours. Lastly, the seating capacity of the cafe is not adequate if we compare it to the customer’s visit per day.

    In my opinion, you should really send the current staff for the training and recruit the new staff. Moreover, you can add more seats in the cafeteria as this will resolve the problem of the long queues outside the cafe.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



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