CELPIP Recent Exam Questions

CELPIP Recent Exam Questions

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Below you’ll find a selection of Recent CELPIP questions and topics

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CELPIP Recent Exam Questions

CELPIP Speaking Topic 1

Some of the CELPIP recent exam questions for Task 1 include advising someone about:

* buying a bike on Kijiji
* books to read
* movies to watch
* places to spend a vacation

“…I feel much more confident
about my test now!”

CELPIP Speaking Topic 2

Recent exam questions for Speaking Task 2 include describing:

* a memorable time you spent gardening with your grandmother
* a pleasant family vacation
* an important person
* a memorable movie

CELPIP Speaking Topic 3

Recent questions for Task 3 include describing pictures related to:

* vacations
* shopping
* transportation
* parks

CELPIP Speaking Topic 4

Some of the recent CELPIP Speaking topics for CELPIP Task 4 include predicting things that might happen in task 3 pictures:

* vacations
* shopping
* transportation
* parks

CELPIP Speaking Topic 5

Recent  topics for Task 5 include making comparisons between:

* team-building events
* apartments
* gifts
* entertainment

CELPIP Speaking Topic 6

Some of the recent CELPIP Speaking topics for CELPIP Task 6 include awkward situations related to:

* colleagues in the workplace
* family members
* friends
* pet owners
* children’s behaviour issues
* misunderstandings between neighbours

CELPIP Speaking Topic 7

Some of the recent CELPIP Speaking topics for CELPIP Task 7 include giving your opinion with regard to:

* exotic pets
* infrastructure developments
* parental responsibilities
* education

CELPIP Speaking Topic 8

Recent  topics for include describing events related to:

* fundraising
* danger
* an inconvenience
* disappointment

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CELPIP Recent Exam Questions

Writing Task 1

Recent topics for Writing Task 1 include complaining about your:

* magazine subscription
* recreation facility
* coffee shop
* broken online purchase

Apologizing for your:

* absence
* child
* noise

Offering advice to:

* a neighbour
* a family member

Requesting help from:

* a local government official
* a family member

CELPIP Writing Task 2

Some of the recent CELPIP Writing topics for CELPIP Writing Task 2 include surveys into whether:

* parents or schools should provide school supplies

* individuals or governments should be responsible for safety

* recycling or larger landfills would be the better garbage solution

* fast food restaurants or healthy eating should be encouraged

* elderly drivers should be tested every year or every five years

* security issues would be better solved by new door locks or security cameras

* it would be better to import more agricultural products or increase the amount of land local farmers are able to cultivate

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