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Before you start preparing for your CELPIP Writing test, make sure your tenses are accurate and appropriate.

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Our review and practice materials will help you clean up your perfect tenses – both active and passive.



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CELPIP Sample Writing Test – Email

CELPIP Sample Writing Test – Task 1 email

In this CELPIP Sample Writing Test you will see that the first task asks you write an email. Topics vary, but you should be ready to write about every day experiences and things that people often complain or need more information about, like: neighbours, restaurants, customer service, hotels, courses, and services.

Your email must have:

* A subject line.
* An introduction that identifies the purpose of your email.
* At least two paragraphs that develop the bulleted points.
* A conclusion or concluding sentence.
* An appropriate salutation

If you would like feedback on your Task 1 response, please submit it here.

CELPIP Email Writing Sample

In this CELPIP email writing sample you can see how important it is to organize your response into clear paragraphs. Each idea you write about should have its own paragraph.

RE: Bank Loan Repayment Issues

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to inform you that I am currently facing a temporary delinquency issue with regard to my monthly loan payment.

I originally borrowed $10,000 to supplement my savings when my house was damaged during last year’s tornado. I needed the money to make extensive repairs and was very grateful to your bank for helping me out during this very difficult time.

The loan repayment schedule was structured, so I would only pay about $340/month, including a 3% interest rate, over a period of 30 months.

Unfortunately, this month I am unable to meet my repayment obligation. I have been under the weather for a full 3 weeks, and my employer has refused to pay me for my leave. This situation has reduced my salary to a fourth of what it should be; however, this is only a temporary setback, and I should be back on my feet soon and able to make my scheduled payments next month.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Ann Willson

CELPIP Sample Writing Test – Survey Response

CELPIP Sample Writing Test – Task 2 Survey Response

In this CELPIP Sample Writing Test you will see that the second task asks you to respond to a survey. It usually offers two alternatives and asks you to justify your preference. The topics are quite varied, but you should be ready to offer your opinion about common topics.

Remember that your response must have:

* An introduction that identifies your main ideas.
* Paragraphs that develop your main ideas.
* A conclusion or concluding sentence.

If you have completed a Task 2 response and would like to have it corrected, please include the question and submit it here.

CELPIP Writing Task 2 Sample Answer

In this CELPIP writing Task 2 sample answer you can see how important it is to use a clear structure that allows your main idea to flow throughout the essay.

RE: Paternity Leave Survey

Dear Mr. Johns,

I am writing this letter to you regarding our company’s paternity leave policy survey. Support for this policy would be very strong from both me and my co-workers. The transition to parenthood can be very stressful, and most of us feel that having a little more time would relieve much of the stress.

The first two months for new parents are usually the hardest. Hospital visits and checkup appointments consume a great deal of time and emotional energy and often conflict with office hours. That conflict dramatically increases the anxiety level of working fathers and negatively impacts their performance both at home and at work.

The potential for the new policy to be disruptive in the short term  is high, particularly for managers and team leaders; however, much of that disruption could be assuaged by allowing new fathers to work from home and delegating some of their duties during their leave.

In the long term, I believe the new policy would add some flexibility to the rules of employment that would result in increased employee loyalty.


Steve Manners

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