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Which Courses can I take with an ESL Tutor Online?

You can take any of our courses with an English tutor. You can also select to work on specific language skills that will help you feel more confident about communicating in English:

* Beginner English
* Intermediate English
* Advanced English
* Professional English
* CELPIP Preparation
* IELTS Preparation

Please call/text Angela at 403-350-8709 for more information.

A Typical Class with an ESL Tutor Online

At the beginning of your class your ESL Tutor Online will call you on Skype. Most classes start with general conversation about your recent activities. You may describe something you’ve made, somewhere you’ve been, or something you’ve done since the last class. The ‘chat’ is usually followed by grammar practice of a structure that you or your tutor has identified as needing improvement. During this part, and the rest of your class, your tutor will share her screen with you so that you can both see the same exercises pictures, and texts. Next, you’ll often get some intense verbal practice of the day’s grammar structure as you describe and talk about a picture.

During the second part of your class with an ESL tutor online, the focus is usually on listening and writing. You’ll listen to a passage, listen again for specific words, and identify any new vocabulary. You’ll then use that new vocabulary in a written exercise that reviews the day’s grammar structure. You may be asked to share your screen with your tutor so that you can both see and discuss what you are writing.

You’ll end the class with a reminder to ‘take your structure for a walk’. To maximize your progress, your ESL tutor online will suggest using the day’s structure to describe everything you see, smell, hear, feel, and touch as you meander through a mall, roam around a park, or walk through your home.

of an ESL Tutor Online

There are several advantages to working with an ESL tutor online. You:

*  Practice your English from the comfort of your own home
*  Can access the class from anywhere in the world. Many of our students live in Dubai, France, Germany, and Brazil.
*  Move at your own speed because there’s no-one in the classroom taking up all of the teacher’s time
*  Receive lots of individual help.
*  Maximize conversation opportunities. There’s no-one competing or waiting for you to finish speaking
*  Get customized classes that target the things you need, and want, to work on
*  Waste very little of your time
*  Schedule your classes to fit your busy life

an ESL Tutor Online

The only real disadvantage to working with an ESL tutor online is the available class times. Your classes can only be scheduled between 10am and 9pm Mountain Time


When you take a class with an ESL tutor online, you need a full-sized monitor. You can use a laptop, iPad, or computer monitor.

For much of the class your tutor will share her screen so that you can talk about pictures, work through exercises, and follow examples. The small size of phone screens makes it very difficult for you to participate in your class fully.

How many Classes?

During your free assessment you and your ESL tutor online will discuss what you want from the course. Your tutor will ask you a series of questions designed to identify your level and any gaps that need to be filled to get you to your desired ability. Your tutor will then estimate how many classes you will need to take.

Typically, your total number of classes depends on:

* The gap between what you know and want to achieve
* How much of the work you prefer, or are able, to do alone
* How quickly you learn
* Your budget.

Scheduling classes with your ESL tutor online

You can schedule your classes for the same time, or different times, each week. Classes can be scheduled Monday – Friday 10am and 9pm Mountain Time

You can pay for your class using e-transfer, credit card, Paypal, or cheques.

All classes must be paid for at the time of scheduling.