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Our School

ESL Red Deer started in 1999 as the English Language Improvement component of a business efficiency service offered by Chinook Solutions Management Consultants. We offered the program to large and small companies west of Manitoba.

By 2012 the ‘component’ had grown, so we moved into dedicated premises. With two well-equipped classrooms we were able to extend our English as a Second Language Program to the general public.

In 2018 we moved again to a space with a larger classroom that enabled several students to participate in classes at the same time.

With our upcoming move to Ottawa during 2020, our online students will continue their classes without disruption. We wish all of our Red Deer students the very best and hope you take all of your English language successes with you as you continue your journey through life in Canada. If you’re ever in Ottawa, do look me up.

Our Principal

Angela Hobbs M.Ed.

Hi, like many of my students I came to Canada as an immigrant. I was a classic ‘fourth culture kid’ who had grown up in Tanzania, Kenya, Sweden, Germany, France, and England. Having completed my postgraduate studies in England I was surprised at all the upgrading I had to do when I got here. Every step westwards, from Quebec to Ontario, and ultimately Alberta, was fraught with barriers!

I eventually left the public education system to become the backroom boffin in our family business (Strategy Consulting). There I spent some of my time researching, some of it teaching English, some of it walking the trails, some of it caring for my children, and some of it writing books.

My greatest passions are probably teaching, research, and writing. I’ve written three books and three ESL workbooks:

Our Vision 

Our vision is to become recognized for clarity and speed in language learning.

Our Mission

We provide support in overcoming language and cultural barriers to success.

Our Values

We value clarity, patience, fun, integrity, passion, and enthusiasm.