English Conversation Classes

Conversation Classes Online

At ESL Red Deer you can improve your English with Conversation Classes Online.

Practice your conversational skills for one hour every week. You can take up to 6 hours of classes each week.

“…I didn’t know I could talk about so many things…” Sven D.

A Typical English
Conversation Class Online

During online conversation class you and your tutor will choose a topic that you find interesting. You’ll then listen to, or read, a short passage related to the topic. The passage will raise important issues that you will go on to discuss. As the discussion proceeds, your tutor will help you with vocabulary and expressions and note down any new words.

Towards the end of your conversation class, you may look at a picture of some data. You and your tutor will discuss the data and its implications.

At the end of your class, your tutor will give you a list of the unfamiliar words and expressions that you have used during your English conversation class. We suggest you review this list daily until the next class. Make up sentences with your new vocabulary and use your new words to describe everything you see, smell, hear, taste and feel.

Your tutor will also provide you with some feedback about the English you have used during your conversation. Often this involves a short practice of a grammar point you’ve made repeatedly. Keep in mind though that the focus of these classes is conversation and not grammar.

Technical Requirements for
English Conversation Classes Online

To take an English Conversation Class online , you need a full-sized monitor and speakers. You can use a laptop, an iPad, or a computer monitor.

For much of the class your tutor will share her screen so that you can talk about pictures, work through exercises, and follow examples. The small size of phone screens makes it very difficult for you to participate in your class fully.


Common Topics for
English Conversation Classes Online

Some common topics in our speaking classes include:

* entertainment          * parenting
* chivalry                      * equality
* friendship                  * success
* creativity                    * greed
* freedom                     * loyalty
* justice                         * childhood


English Conversation Classes Online

You can schedule your English Conversation Classes Online for the same, or different, times each week. Classes can be scheduled Monday – Friday 10am and 9pm Mountain Time.

You can pay for your class using e-transfer, Paypal, or credit cards.


All classes must be paid for at the time of scheduling.


Please call/text Angela at 403-350-8709 for more information.