Learn Professional English

Learn Professional English Online 

When you learn professional English online, you work one-on-one with your tutor. In each class you practice all four language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening. We provide a clear daily structure and contained vocabulary to ensure you progress quickly towards becoming a safe, efficient, and productive employee.

In these courses you will work on:

* speaking & pronunciation
* listening & grammar
* reading & vocabulary
* writing & note-taking

Professional English

The beginner program in Professional English (levels 1-4) focuses on safety. Students learn to use and understand the present, past and future tenses along with basic vocabulary.

By the time students complete the beginner level, they should be able to hold simple conversations about the things around them. They should be able to follow simple directions and instructions safely. They should be able to understand the main idea in workplace conversations.

Students should expect to spend about 75 hours in the classroom and another 60 completing homework.

Professional English

At the intermediate level (levels 5-8) students learn their perfect tenses, a broader vocabulary, and how to manipulate a growing range of structures.

By the time students complete the intermediate program, they should feel confident in their ability to understand the conversations around them at a much more detailed level. They should feel confident in their ability to deal with emergency situations and concerns they may have with regard to the workplace.

Students should expect to spend about 75 hours in the classroom and another 60 completing homework.

Professional English

In the Advanced Professional English Program (levels 9-12), students continue to build their vocabulary and manipulate a range of more complex structures.

By the time they complete the advanced program, they should feel very confident about their ability to understand and participate in discussions about a range of subjects.

At the advanced level, students should expect to spend 75 hours in the classroom and another 60 completing homework.

Professional English with a Tutor

Taking professional English classes with an English Tutor is probably the fastest way to learn or improve your English, especially if you:

* work shifts and need flexibility
* prefer to learn English at your own speed
* need to quickly build your confidence
* need a lot of individualized help
* need heavily customized classes
* prefer to target only your weakest language skills

Please click here to learn more about taking English classes with a tutor


During your assessment we will discuss your goals, set targets, and provide you with an estimate of how long you will need to study to achieve your goal.

During your program you will complete an assessment as you complete each step of the program. When you complete your level, or reach your goal, we will celebrate your success with a certificate of completion.


There are 12 levels in the Professional English Program.

* Beginner – levels 1-3
* Intermediate – levels 4-6
* Advanced – levels 7-9
* Academic – levels 10-12

There are 40 classroom hours per level.
The price of each level is $850/student for groups.
The cost of private tuition is based on $40/hour.
The cost of materials is $100/student/level.
Class size – maximum 5 students.

Scheduling and Paying for your classes

You can schedule your classes for the same time every week, or you can schedule your class each week.

You can use cash, credit cards or cheques to pay for your classes at the time of scheduling.

All classes must be paid for at the time of scheduling.

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant

All of our English Professionalization courses are eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Employees will need a language assessment prior to grant application.

Please allow one month for the application to clear.