IELTS Level 7

IELTS Level 7 Group Classes

The IELTS level 7 program is for students preparing for
the IELTS test who need to achieve level 7.

A Typical Group Class

Each class focuses on vocabulary and a specific level 7 structure that you need to be comfortable using in the reading, writing, speaking and listening sections of the IELTS test. You will practice writing the structure, using it respond to speaking prompts, and understanding it when you hear it and read it.


Registration for this IELTS level 7 course is ongoing.

To register for this course, please submit a writing sample of tasks 1 and 2.


After each class you will be asked to submit an essay or sound file in which you use the day’s structure to express yourself.

You will also be asked to complete some practice exercises.

All homework correction and material is included in the price of the course.

How many Classes?

There are ten classes in each IELTS Preparation Course.

Classes are two times each week for five weeks (10 sessions).

Technical Requirements

For your classes, you will need to register with zoom.

You can register for your free zoom account here (

You will also need to provide us with your email so that we can invite you to your class. We do not share emails with anyone.

Class fee

The cost of this 5 week program is
$CDN 200 + GST

Payment can be made using Paypal or E-transfer.