Free English Classes

Free English Classes

Our free English classes provide you with a daily opportunity to speak to a native English speaker and practice expressing yourself in English.


A Typical English Conversation Class

Most classes start with greetings and general conversation about your recent activities. After the ‘chat’ we go on to talk about the day’s topic in general terms. We’ll consider things like:

* the size of the issue
* the importance of the issue
* alternative ways of addressing the issue
* potential solutions

With that overview we’ll go on to look at examples closer to home. We might talk about:

* personal experiences and how you are personally impacted by the issue
* examples you’ve noticed
* contributions you’d like to offer.

Before each class, we will send you an article about the class’ topic so that you can familiarize yourself with the vocabulary.

Current Conversation Class topics

Current topics include:

* The corona virus
* Life without cars
* Homeschooling
* Working from Home
* Good Employers
* Role Models
* Tourism
* Bad Jobs
* Fast Food
* Vacations

How many Classes?

There are ten classes in each course.

Classes are daily for 40 minutes for two weeks (10 sessions).


Registration for our free conversation classes is ongoing.

Please click here to see our schedule.

To register for a class, please submit a sound file. In your voice recording, please identify:

*  why you want to participate in these classes
*  what your ultimate goals are in improving your English
*  which of the two times available you would prefer.

You can record yourself on your phone and email your sound file to me as an attached MP3 to The purpose of this description is to help us group you with other students who are at about the same language level.

Technical Requirements

For your classes, you will need to register with zoom.

You can register for your free zoom account here (

You will also need to provide us with your email so that we can invite you to your class.

We do not share emails with anyone.

Registration Fee 

There is a registration/materials fee
of $CDN 75+GST for this course.

Payment can be made using Paypal or E-transfer.