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Resume Writing Services

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Our resume writing services write resumes for job seekers and for students applying to further education programs.

Often, our clients use us because they have difficulty creating a succinct and grammatically correct resume with appropriate keywords.

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What is a Resume?

A resume, unlike your CV, is not a list of previous jobs, skills or awards. It is a document that showcases your experience, profile and skills.

Your resume demonstrates your fit for the course or job you’re applying for by telling the reader all about your best qualities.

How long should my Resume be?

Your resume should not be longer than two pages unless you are a high-level executive.

Universities usually provide guidelines, so make sure you check them.

What are they looking for?

Most of the time, resumes are scanned for keywords, and although this is sometimes done manually, many companies and universities use automated talent management systems.

Talent management systems are set up with words and phrases that either relate to the particular requirements of the job or define the ideal university applicant for a particular course.

If your resume doesn’t include these keywords, then the automated system can’t find them, and your resume never makes it to the pile, let alone the top of it.

What should I say in my Resume?

Your resume should be tailored to the specific course or job you’re applying to.

You should:

* embed keywords for your skills, competencies, relevant credentials, previous courses, and previous employers
* review the company’s website, the university’s strategic plan,  and professors’ bios and LinkedIn pages to find out what matters to them.
* identify the words that people who already work for the company, or University, use to describe their value to the organization and use those words in your resume.
* follow a standard resume format that makes you look your best. It does not have to be chronological!
* include anything related to communication, leadership, time management, self-motivation, and decision making.
* be confident. Let them know that you’re proud of who you are and what you’ve achieved.
* be specific and show the impact you have had in this or previous positions.

What to avoid


* using keywords for skills or competencies you don’t have
* making spelling & making punctuation errors
* including irrelevant information
* missing parallels
* writing unwieldy sentences
* choosing a resume format that emphasizes your weaknesses
* being negative
* lying
* exaggerating
* repeating yourself

Need Help Writing Your Resume?

Do you need help writing your resume? We know how tough it can be; we’ve been doing it for years.

Researching the organization’s focus, identifying keywords, understanding what they value,  writing the darn thing, and then turning it into the succinct document that gets you noticed can be time-consuming.

We’re happy to help. We can write your resume for you, coach you through it, or edit or proofread what you’ve written.

Please call or text Angela 403-350-8709 to discuss your requirements.