Proofreading Services: we’ll check your punctuation, spelling, and consistency

Proofreading Services


Our proofreading services check your writing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

A proofreader carefully checks for errors in a text before you share it or publish it. Your proof reader should be the last person to see your text to make sure you don’t have any:

* spelling mistakes & typos
* punctuation mistakes
* inconsistencies.

Depending on your skills and budget, you can choose to proofread your own text, ask a friend to check it, or hire a professional. Whatever you decide to do, remember that whether you’re preparing an academic paper, a job application, an online article, or a print flyer, it is essential to proofread before you share it.


Please call or text Angela 613-614-6460 to discuss your requirements

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Do I need an Editor or a Proofreader?

When you check a text, you usually both edit and proofread. The editing phase comes first and makes big changes to the document. The proofreading phase comes last after everything else is done and adds a final polish to your work.

Editing involves big changes. It may involve moving things around and even deleting portions that distract the reader from the main discussion. Editing usually also checks for vague language, redundant words and awkward phrasing.

Proofreading involves small changes to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and stylistic inconsistencies. Proofreading should only be done after you’ve finished moving things around and are comfortable with the final draft.

Submit Your Document

Attach your Microsoft Word document to an email addressed to Submitting your writing in this format allows us to track our changes and comments.

After we receive your document, we’ll take a look at it and send you a quote and estimated turnaround time.

Proofreading Tips

Take a break before proofreading your text. The longer your break, the fresher your eyes

Run a spell check, but remember that computers don’t catch every mistake

Use ‘find and replace’ for repeatedly misspelled words and gaps

Don’t waste time proofreading until all your editing is finished

The Advantages of Different Proofreading Services

Automated Proofreading Services
– tend to be free or cheap
– offer instant proofreading

Freelance Proofreading Services
– direct contact with your proofreader.

Corporate Proofreading Services
– typically provide upfront pricing
– guarantee their deadlines.

The Disadvantages of Different Proofreading Services

Automated Proofreading Services
– can be unreliable
– may introduce new errors

Freelance Proofreading Services
– adjust deadlines to suit your requirements.

Corporate Proofreading Services
– lack pricing and deadline flexibility
– minimal contact with your proofreader.

Please call or text Angela 613-614-6460 to discuss your requirements.