CELPIP Writing Examples: Include High-Scoring Structures

CELPIP Writing Examples

In these CELPIP Writing Examples, you can see how easily Maria and Abdul lost marks. Maria forgot how important it is to use an appropriate register when writing a formal email, and Abdul forgot to use the full form of the passive voice.

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CELPIP Writing Examples – Task 1

In this CELPIP Writing example, Maria lost marks on her formatting and tenses.

Always make sure you use a formal style in a formal email. That means, sign off with your full name and DON’T use contractions.

A contraction is the term we use when we write ‘don’t’ instead of ‘do not’, ‘isn’t’ instead of ‘is not’, and ‘hasn’t’ instead of ‘has not’.

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CELPIP Writing Examples – Task 2

In this example, Abdul lost marks on his tenses, parallels and passives. Remember that when you use the passive voice, the past participle is always preceded by a form of the verb ‘be’.

If you’re aiming for a score above 7, you must make sure that your tenses, using both the active and passive voice, are 100% accurate. Our basic and perfect practice materials are designed to help you improve your tense accuracy.

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