CELPIP Speaking Pictures. Practice speaking about uncomfortable topics!

About the
CELPIP Speaking Tasks

There are 8 CELPIP Speaking Tasks. For each task you listen to instructions through headphones and talk to a computer.

The tasks include:

* giving advice – 90 s.
* talking about a personal experience – 60 s.
* describing a picture – 60 s.
* predicting might happen – 60 s.
* comparing & persuading – 60 s.
* resolving a difficult situation – 60 s.
* expressing your opinion – 90 s.
* describing an unusual situation – 60 s.

For a book of 30 speaking practice tests, please click here

CELPIP Speaking Task 1
Giving Advice

To prepare for CELPIP speaking task 1 you should practice offering advice about things like:

* losing weight
* studying abroad
* getting a job
* learning to drive
* starting a new job
* exercising
* avoiding debt
* buying a gift
* etc.

CELPIP Speaking Task 2
A Personal Experience

To prepare for CELPIP speaking task 2 you should practice talking about some important events in your life.

Consider events that made you feel :

* happy or exuberant
* determined or persistent
* courageous or ambitious
* compassionate or considerate
* resourceful or reliable
* practical or inventive
* etc.

CELPIP Speaking Pictures – Task 3 & 4
Describing & Predicting

To prepare for CELPIP Speaking Pictures tasks you should practice speaking about pictures.

Please right click on the picture to see it full size.

Then, practice describing it for one minute, and predicting what you think might happen.

Keith Stapleton – Harbour

Ravensburger – Redecorating

Ravensburger – Accident

Ravensburger – Airshow










CELPIP Speaking Task 5
Comparing & Persuading

To prepare for CELPIP speaking task 5 you should practice comparing things and people around you:

* appliances
* instruments
* sports facilities
* houses
* apartments
* resorts
* hotels
* entertainment venues
* etc.

“…Interesting classes. I learn so much…”

Fouaz B.

CELPIP Speaking Task 6
Dealing with a Difficult Situation

To prepare for CELPIP speaking task 6 you should practice explaining why you think something is right. You could talk about: :

* why you won’t lend your car to someone with a drinking problem.
* why you shouldn’t lend money to someone without a job.
* why your friend shouldn’t marry his or her couch potato boyfriend or girlfriend.
* why you won’t lend your lawnmower to your neighbour.
* etc.

CELPIP Speaking Task 7
Expressing Opinions

To prepare for CELPIP speaking task 7 you should practice expressing your opinion about subjects like:

* education
* family
* employment
* competition
* recreation
* infrastructure
* online shopping
* social media
* etc.

Talk about each of these subjects in terms of advantages and disadvantages.

CELPIP Speaking Task 8
Unusual Situations

To prepare for  CELPIP speaking task 8 you should practice describing unusual situations:

* an unfamiliar game
* an unusual situation
* an odd picture
* an interesting pair of shoes
* a unique piece of furniture
* a strange building
* a crazy hairstyle
* etc.

Practice describing the picture to a friend or family member on the phone.

Please check out our instagram page for examples of introducing sentence variety to your descriptions.