Basic Tense Review Book

Basic Tense Review Book
One-a-Day Basic Tense Practice

This CELPIP basic tense review book contains two texts for each basic tense.

Text A is a complete text. As you read this text you underline the tense you are reviewing.

Text B is an incomplete text. You fill in the gaps with the tense you are reviewing.

When you have filled in all of the gaps, you check your choices against the structures you underlined in text A.

We developed our basic tense review book to give our students lots of practice and increase their tense accuracy. Tense accuracy (in both the passive and active voice) is really important for both the writing and speaking sections of your language proficiency test.

This book also helps you improve your vocabulary. Topics include: transportation, everyday situations, government responsibilities, food, education, entertainment, recreation, shopping, people, places, art, clothes, computers, etc.

Review and Practice your active and passive present, past and future tenses.


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Our  study materials include 3 workbooks that will help you improve your tense accuracy and practice your speaking before your test.

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