Aviation English – safer pilots, safer skies

“…when I arrived in Red Deer I did not speak any English.  I improved my English a lot and now I can understand…”

Eduardo M.

Classes in Aviation English 

Join our Aviation English classes to learn English fast. In each class you will practice all four language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening. We provide a clear daily structure and contained aviation-specific vocabulary to ensure you progress quickly.

In these courses you will work on:

* speaking & pronunciation
* listening & grammar
* reading & vocabulary
* writing & note-taking

Beginner Aviation English
(Levels 1-4)

The beginner program focuses on basic English language structures and vocabulary. Students learn to use and understand the present, past and future tenses along with basic vocabulary.

By the time students complete the beginner level, they should be able to hold simple conversations about the weather, compare airplane features, describe emergency situations, and understand simple directions and instructions. They should be able to understand their flight instructors.

Students should expect to spend about 75 hours in the classroom and another 60 completing homework.

Intermediate Aviation English
(Levels 5-8)

At the intermediate level the vocabulary becomes more aviation focused as students learn their perfect tenses and how to manipulate a growing range of structures.

By the time students complete the intermediate program, they should feel confident in their ability to discuss emergency situations, weather patterns and navigation, understand their flight instructors, ground school courses and conversations about familiar subjects.

Students should expect to spend about 75 hours in the classroom and another 60 completing homework.

On completion of intermediate aviation English, students should have the language skills required to successfully complete the ALPT/ICAO Language test.

Advanced Aviation English
(Levels 9-12)

In the advanced Aviation English Program, students continue to build their aviation vocabulary and manipulate a range of more complex structures.

By the time they complete the advanced program, they should feel very confident about their ability to understand and participate in discussions about a range of aviation-related subjects.

At the advanced level, students should expect to spend 75 hours in the classroom and another 60 completing homework.

Academic Aviation English

In the Academic Aviation English Program, students focus on increasing their language efficiency as they learn the more formal structures required by the FAA.

By the time they complete the Academic program students should have the language skills necessary to start preparing for their commercial pilot and multi-engine exams.

Students should expect to spend 75 hours in the classroom and another 60 completing homework.

 Radio Communications Classes

Our radio communications classes are designed to improve your understanding of radio communications.

This program will increase your accuracy:

* picking out the important information in the air traffic controller’s transmission.
* recognizing critical weather information through the noise.
* transmitting messages to air traffic controllers.
* using radio transmissions in emergencies.
* communicating through radio transmissions.

Radio communication classes are offered as a separate course and students should expect to spend about 75 hours in the classroom and another 60 completing assignments.

For more information about our courses please call 403-350-8709.

 Class Schedules

Classes are 2-3 times a week for two hours.

Students should allow 6-8 weeks for each level. It takes time outside the classroom to process and practice the new structures and vocabulary.

General English as a Second Language Classes

For employees who would like to expand their vocabularies, or improve their language skills in a more general context, we also offer a full series of English as a Second Language Courses:

Beginner English
* Intermediate English
* Advanced English

ESL Red Deer’s English Classes offer: