Business English – for better workplace safety and productivity


“…very flexible, always clear and very helpful…”

Alexander B.

ESL Red Deer recognizes the speed with which workplaces can become
turbulent and inefficient when employees lack the language fluency necessary
to fit in with their peers and complete assigned tasks.

We offer six service streams to help restore calm and efficiency to organizations in
Red Deer and the surrounding area:

Our effort to improve your workplace efficiency includes:

1. English Language Professionalization

Most workplaces function at around or above level 8 English, while most recent immigrants function at or below level 4. This huge language gap often results in poor communication and endless misunderstandings.

Our Professionalization classes close the language gap to improve your employee’s language efficiency, workplace communication and productivity.

2. English Tutor

Read English 2

Our English tutors provide language classes to employees who need to learn English at maximum speed with maximum flexibility from one month to the next.

A retainer ensures that these classes can be scheduled and rescheduled at short notice with no penalty, and monthly progress reports keep everyone focused on the goal.

 3. Language Support

This program provides ongoing support to employees who are struggling with the language requirements of their workplace. This one-on-one support can be used in conjunction with language lessons or as a stand-alone service.

Corporate and employee needs dictate what this support includes, but often it’s used to:

*  improve interpersonal communication
*  write letters and emails
*  interpret task requirements
*  improve computer literacy
*  facilitate presentation preparation
*  edit written communication

4. CELPIP and IELTS Test PreparationSpeak English 2

For employees who need to pass English Language Proficiency Tests before applying for Permanent Residency, or acceptance by Professional Associations, we offer both IELTS and CELPIP Test Preparation Programs.

These programs help your employees understand what the test questions are asking for so that they get the scores they need.


5. Insights into Canadian Workplace CultureA simple guide to the Canadian Workplace

Insights into Canadian Workplace Culture is a program designed around Matt Adolphe’s successful book “Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules”.

This seminar introduces your employees to the hidden rules of workplaces and is particularly useful for anyone transitioning from a culture with a more assertive communication style.

6. English Language ClassesListen to English 2

Depending on the number of employees that need English classes we can provide customized group training on-site or at our offices.

Your employees are always welcome to register for one of our ongoing language courses. We offer a range of standard language courses including:

English as a Second Language
English Improvement 
English Language Proficiency Test Preparation

To ensure rapid progress our maximum class size is 5. We are always happy to provide an English tutor to work with individual employees.

ESL Red Deer’s English Classes offer:

IELTS Preparation

IELTS Preparation Courses
IELTS Preparation Online
IELTS Topics
IELTS Writing Correction

Please call/text Angela at 403-350-8709 for more information.

#201, 4909 – 48 Street.

CELPIP Preparation

CELPIP Preparation Courses
CELPIP Preparation Online
CELPIP Writing Correction

Please call/text Angela at 403-350-8709 for more information.