IELTS Preparation Online: Prepare for IELTS Online with a tutor

“…I really appreciate this method of teaching…”

Charity D.

IELTS Preparation Course Online
All Skills

You can use this IELTS Preparation Course Online  to prepare for the IELTS Academic and IELTS General tests:

This IELTS Preparation Course combines reading, writing, speaking and listening. During this course you will learn to use your English in a way that gets you the score you need.

IELTS Preparation Course Online for
Speaking & Writing

You can use this IELTS Preparation Course Online to upgrade your speaking and writing.

People often take this IELTS speaking and writing Course when they need more practice in these skills, but already achieve their required scores in reading and listening.

IELTS Preparation Course Online for
Filling Gaps

You can use this IELTS Preparation Course Online to improve in any area where you are struggling to achieve your required score.

People often take these gapfill classes when they have a specific type of question that they keep getting wrong.

Some people take this Online IELTS Course to fill gaps in their:

* reading
* writing
* listening
* speaking

Goals of IELTS Preparation Courses Online

The goal of our IELTS Preparation Online is to get you good marks in your test. We do that by ensuring that you can understand and manipulate a range of high-scoring structures.

You can take a full course that combines reading, writing, listening and speaking, or you can focus on the problem areas that are preventing you from getting the marks you need in:

* reading
* writing
* listening
* speaking

Course Requirements for IELTS Preparation Online

There are no course requirements of IELTS Preparation Online.

You will need more classes with us if your English is not at the standard you need to achieve on the test.

You may only need one or two classes if your English is at the standard you need to achieve on the test, but you need help to get your score.

Many of our students need to improve English with us before we prepare them for the IELTS, CELPIP, or ICAO test. We can usually tell you how many classes you will need after we have seen a writing sample.

Course Content for IELTS Preparation Online 

We use a range of techniques to keep our classes interesting, maximize your motivation, and get your language skills into tip-top condition for your language test. These include:

* videos
* conversations
* news articles
* grammar exercises
* sentence distribution
* speaking prompts
* radio reports
* blogs & stories
* descriptions
* IELTS practice tests

How to take a IELTS Preparation Online Class

1. Call/text Angela 403-350-8709 to discuss your requirements
2. Provide a writing sample so that we can assess your needs
3. Review your corrected writing sample to see if you agree with our recommendations
4. Schedule a convenient time for your first class
5. Make your payment
6. We will send your class materials an hour before class
7. We will call you at the beginning of your class

ESL Red Deer’s English Classes offer:

#201, 4909 – 48 Street.

* Essay Correction
* Online English Classes
*Alberta Certified Teachers
* small classes – maximum 5 adults
* quality materials
* a distraction-free environment
* improved English language skills
* a speaking & vocabulary building focus
* a downtown office

Please call/text Angela at 403-350-8709 for more information.

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