CELPIP Writing Correction. Improve your writing without coming to class

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1. Choose a CELPIP writing topic 

To use the CELPIP Writing Correction service you first need to pick a topic.

The essay titles provided cover a range of CELPIP writing topics.

* CELPIP Writing topics Letter
* CELPIP Writing topics Survey Response

At this stage it’s really smart to choose the topic you don’t want to write about. It gives you a chance to develop your vocabulary and thinking on the subject.

Many of our students are successful today because they familiarized themselves with uncomfortable topics before the test … because that scored them their marks!

We will mark any essay topic, you do not have to select one from this website.

2. Write your Essay

Once you have chosen your topic, create a plan, and start writing.

Remember that your essay must have:

* An introduction that puts me, your reader, into the head space.
* An overview that gives me an idea of the main ideas you intend to develop.
* At least two paragraphs that each have topic sentences and supporting details.
* A conclusion or concluding sentence.

 3. Email your Essay

Email your essay to eslreddeer@gmail.com

4. Make your Payment

When we receive your essay we will send you a Paypal invoice.

The cost for each essay is $20 +GST.

Complete the payment with any credit card,

5. Wait for your corrections

After we receive your payment we will check your essay.

We will return it to you within 24 hours with our comments and corrections.

Our comments and corrections are intended to help you improve your writing before the test.

If, at any time, you would like to discuss your essay, we will be happy to schedule a class with you – either in-person or online.

6. Online Essay Correction for CELPIP Writing Tasks

Some students prefer to use our online correction service to submit their CELPIP writing task. This service combines payment, uploading and submission in one easy step.

Please click on the button to access this service.

Sample Correction – Task 1 CELPIP

Sample Correction – Task 2 CELPIP

CELPIP Preparation – Writing Course

In this course you will practice using:

* Topic sentences and supporting details
* High-scoring structures
* Good grammar
* A broad vocabulary

Cost: $400 (All materials, essay correction, and refreshments included)

Duration: 10 weeks

Start: September 18th

Registration: Please email angela@eslreddeer to register for this class.

Writing Tutor

Take a few writing classes with a tutor and feel more confident about your writing.

Your CELPIP writing tutor can work with you at our offices or on Skype.

Call/text Angela 403-350-8709 for more information.

ESL Red Deer’s English Classes offer:

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IELTS Writing Correction

Please call/text Angela at 403-350-8709 for more information.

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CELPIP Preparation

CELPIP Preparation Courses
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CELPIP Writing Correction

Please call/text Angela at 403-350-8709 for more information.