CELPIP Reading: Learn tips and tricks to achieve a high score


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CELPIP Reading Tips 

During your CELPIP reading test you need to know how to find answers quickly.

These CELPIP reading tips will help you understand:

* where to look for answers
* how to find answers
* how to fill in gaps with the right words
* how to choose the right answer

CELPIP Reading Topics

When you prepare for the CELPIP Reading section, you need to be comfortable reading about a lot of different topics.

These CEPIP reading topics will increase your vocabulary and comfort level with a range of CELPIP reading topics including:

* education
* entertainment
* changing situations
* current events

CELPIP Preparation Online

ESL Red Deer offers CELPIP Preparation online.

Our CELPIP Preparation Online tackles the gaps in your language and helps you prepare you for the CELPIP test.

You can take just one class, or you take as many classes as you need.

Please contact us to schedule a class or learn more about how we can help you prepare for your CELPIP test.

CELPIP Study Materials 

Before you start preparing for CELPIP, your tenses need to be accurate, and your vocabulary needs to be strong.

These CELPIP study materials will help you:

* increase your tense accuracy
* increase your vocabulary
* avoid getting confused by complex structures in the texts

General English as a Second Language Classes

ESL Red Deer offers general courses in English as a Second Language to help you expand your vocabulary, or improve your language skills, before preparing for your test including:

Beginner English
Intermediate English
Advanced English

For more information please call 403-350-8709.

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